For a chef, one of the most exciting aspects of cooking is taking advantage of the seasonality of food — using an ingredient when its flavor is at its very best. At n/naka, our goal is to prepare an ingredient in a way that spotlights its unique characteristics.

Maine Lobster
We don't mean any disrespect to our hometown Californian heroes, but we're excited for summer and Maine lobster season. The sweet lobster meat has been the star of our zensai in shumai, a traditional Chinese steamed dumpling, as well as in our tsukuri featured as sashimi.

Baby Corn
We love baby corn for its crunch despite its diminutive size. This popular Asian ingredient bring a mild sweetness to each dish. For our modern kaiseki menu, we make soup and serve with blue crab.

Zucchini Blossom
The delicate zucchini blossom is featured in both of our menus. Its gentle flavor and beautiful presentation make our vegetarian zensai course pop with color and flare.