For a chef, one of the most exciting aspects of cooking is taking advantage of the seasonality of food — using an ingredient when its flavor is at its very best. At n/naka, our goal is to prepare an ingredient in a way that spotlights its unique characteristics.

Carrots and other roots
We've been finding elegant carrots this spring which we purée or use in lobster salad. Beets are roasted and served with luxurious A5 wagyu.

It is the time of mushrooms and they abound from all around the world. Find Italian white truffles delicately luxuriating on uni risotto and chawanmushi. We also enjoy sweet chanterelles and matsutakes at the peak of their season and full of their signature pine scent. With beautiful maitakes, we tempura them and also add them to a cream sauce served over with Alaskan halibut.

Purple Yams
Dark and creamy, we've been mashing these for a twist on the typical and serving them with the seasonal Alaskan halibut or razor clams. They're sugary and attention-grabbing.