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dark earthenware plate with buri sashimi and nori crisp 2022 winter yakimono oyster on plate spring soup with tofu, radish, and clams in a black bowl black organically shaped dish with scallop tartare and carrot puree mushimono on tray with oysters, egg, fish and broth medium grey plate with sea bream sashimi and coconut
Two Michelin stars


Crafted through the Japanese culinary art form of kaiseki, n/naka’s modern interpretation presents the very best seasonal ingredients from both California and Japan’s land and sea.  Our tasting menu celebrates ingredients at the peak of its perfection and reimagines kaiseki through a California lens.


Reservations are released Sundays at 10am PST in 3-day increments one month ahead of time.


Follow this link for a more detailed description of our menu and our full wine list.


Additional details in regard to our location, hours, and how to get in touch are located here.

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